Microblading Live & Online Training by Ana Perrone, Swiss Color® Instructor DEPOSIT ONLY

Swiss Color® education prepared in partnership with internationally renowned board certified plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and PMU masters. Pay only $500 deposit now for enrolling and receiving online access to pre-study guide. * Existing microblading artists can get their Swiss Color® certification by completing only the online part of the course for $500.

Existing artists 2 or 3 day seminar $1500 (incl. certificates and unlimited access to online education)

Non artists 3 days training $2500 (incl. kit, unlimited access to online education and certificates upon completion)

$ 500

Non artists 2 day training $2500 (incl. kit, 6 month access to online education and certificate upon completion)

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Microblading Live & Online Training by Ana Perrone, Swiss Color® Instructor DEPOSIT ONLY

01 What's included

Microblading kit with imported premium Swiss Color MB pigments, blades and more (see kit) plus extra set of practice pigments, NEW:  included in this class: extra training and certificate for Color Theory I & II, "Pigmentology". 

DVD with class videos for students only (not available for retail) plus marketing assistance to all students with our new lead generation and business support after student graduates from our academy.

Be part of an elite internationally renowned PMU & Microblading school. Swiss Color® is a global company with expertise in micro pigments for permanent make up and microblading. The company's headquarters are located in Switzerland. We promote confidence through performance, flexibility and an open dialogue. Our prestigious products meet the highest standards in quality and value for money.

Proper after care method recommended by doctors and experienced tattoo artists for maximum pigment retention in the skin.

Hair stroke (3d) hybrid brows, ombre and manual shading, color correction and how to "erase" and remove wrongfully placed hairs. 

Procedures demonstration macro videos from different angles in online course and demonstration on live model during live class.

We teach correct working posture, glasses and lightening setup to protect your back and eyes after a full day of working curved on top of clients.

Lifetime support from instructor, employement opportunity, especially at our medspa in Miami (miamibeachmicroblading.com) and satisfaction guaranteed (option to come back and take the live course again at no aditional cost)

Advanced color theory applied to micropigmentation, skin anatomy and pigment chemistry

Hospital grade sterilization techniques, how to identify pathogens and prevent cross contamination at work.

238 self explanatory detailed pictures and illustrations in online continuing education course

Correct working position for both right and left handed students

In our Microblading training the trainees learn in 2 days live class and unlimited continuing online education all important facts for a perfect Microblading treatment. Next to the theoretical briefing and the covering of make-up art essentials the training focuses especially on practical training.

Unlimited access to proprietary microblading electronic consent form administration/storage application, option to print and email.

Proper and effective numbing technique for minimal pain and bleeding and correct pressure while working on different skin types and ages.

More than 6 different hair stroke patterns to match any style of eyebrow for any face.

How to perform a consultation and read a consent form.

Unlimited free access to Ana Perrone's Microblading App with unlimited eletronic consent forms (3 language templates included; English, Spanish and Portuguese) and scheduling feature with email reminders to your clients to come to their appointments for phones or tablets, plus practice design on any picture on the tablet.

With Ana you will learn a combination of methods used by internationaly reknowed masters from all major schools, such as Biotek and Phibrows, not only Swiss Color.

World's first "outline-free" Microblading hair stroke simulation method created by Ana Perrone

2 Swiss Color International certificates; certificate of attendance when student comes to live class and the certificate of completion will be mailed to student upon completion of online 100% interactive continuing education after live class.

Swiss Color International artist logo and before and after specially designed app for your professional pictures

Microblading business owner marketing and e-marketing consulting. How to set up your first LLC and other important business starting dos and don'ts.

02 Upcoming Classes Schedule

Miami Beach, FL - May 29th, 30th & 31st (2 SPOTS LEFT)

For future class dates information please call us at (305) 414-4145

03Among Many Old & New Industry Secrets
Our Students Will Learn

How to create the perfect 3D hair stroke natural looking eyebrow for every patient, skin type, face shape and eyebrows density

How to fix old faded blue, green, grey or red permanent makeup

How to determine the right skin type and choose the correct pigments from Swiss Color to each skin type

How to properly handle and stretch skin for maximum effectiveness

How to simulate symmetry for a pair of perfectly looking eyebrows every time.

The best aftercare method taught by real doctors from 3 different continents

Skin types and contraindications plus how to handle the most common scenarios like a pro!

Easy introduction to color theory and choosing the correct tools

Scientific principals of a anesthetic topical application; how to numb to ensure maximum comfort, reducing redness, swelling and bleeding with over the counter and affordable lotions, gels and creams

Medical grade hygiene principals, methods to assembly and disassembly your workstation while eliminating the risk of cross contamination and infections

Pre- and aftercare precautions, best aftercare products

Industry's etiquette and ethics, photography and marketing tips for the artist looking for work at a high end medical office, spa or salon.

Which tools, instruments, pigments, cleaning supplies and ointment brands and manufactors work best for this type of procedure.

How to master "Eyebrow mapping" unique techniques created by instructor Ana Perrone

Unlimited special student discounts on all orders at microblading-boutique.com


For new students;

No previous medical education or experience needed.

No special artistic talents is required, only your dedication, consisting practice and drive to excel in this exciting career.

Computer and/or mobile smartphone or tablet with internet access.

iPad with a stylus is not a must to complete the course, but it will help with additional practice, since you will be given free unlimited lifelong access to our proprietary eyebrow marking and drawing software

No special tools, materials or equipment required, your kit has everything you need.

For existing Microblading trainers or schools:

You can now own your very own Swiss Color Microblading School, if you are a trainer already please email us for more info if you would like to become an official Swiss Color trainer, we are located in Miami, FL but our instructor can also travel within and outside the U.S.A. to certify your school as official Swiss Color.

* Must purchase online course as deposit and finish at least level 4 before coming to live class at swisscoloracademy.com.   

For existing artists:

Must email a copy of your previous certification from any school to scacademyusa@mail.com in the email you should include which date and city you would like to come to live class.

No need to bring material for the class, but microblading kit from Swiss Color is not included in the $1500 price

If you are an existing microblading artist and can't come to live class, you can do the online only part of the class for $500.00.

This online class has 12 lessons and 100% interactive assignments. All students must submit photos of their work on at least 4 models plus other photos of works on practice skin and fruits as part of their assignments to gain their Swiss Color International certificate. Once you get approval on your final task you will be able to download and print your certificate. 

Private classes in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese or Italian can be booked via email for $3,500.00.

Advanced PMU (machine) private classes availbale too, we teach lips, brows and eyeliner for beginners and advanced students, each day a different procedure, student must bring their own machine, please email us for more info about these private PMU classes.



Either you are tech savvy or you just purchased your first computer, tablet or smart phone, Swiss Color Academy combined live and online education will teach you how to be the best artist in the industry by developing your artistic side while making sure you are informed and conscious about health hazards associated with this growing business. Plus our school is renowned world wide for it's top quality machines, pigments and methods.

Curriculum For This Course Includes (But is Not Limited to) 100%
Authentic, new, improved and easy to learn and apply techniques:

How to numb before, during and after the procedure.

Eyebrow hair stroke patterns drawing and placement on any real model, no matter what kind of hair stroke pattern or shape they have originally.

Cleaning, assembly and disassembly of work station

Photography, marketing and industry ethics.

Consent forms, common medical problems and infection control.

Swiss Color microblading method and product knowledge 

06Microblading kit

$750 value. Delivered onsite at the day of the live training.

Silicone practice skin

Foam practice skin

Eyebrow ruler stickers

Realistic 3D dummy head 

Swiss Color PMU Pencil

Swiss Color clear mask

Imported Swiss Color Microblades 

Eyebrow brushes 

Advanced blade and shade guide sheets

Golden ratio caliper 

Imported Swiss Color premium MB pigments

Latex practice skin

Disposable pigment rings

Swiss Color pigment applicators 

Swiss Color disposable microblading tool 

Aftercare oinment 

Swiss Color reusable microblading pen.

Eyebrow rounded rulers and much more...


08Buy the course


Swiss Color® education prepared in partnership with internationally renowned board certified plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and PMU masters. Pay only $500 deposit now for enrolling and receiving online access to pre-study guide. * Existing microblading artists can get their Swiss Color® certification by completing only the online part of the course for $500.

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Microblading Live & Online Training by Ana Perrone, Swiss Color® Instructor DEPOSIT ONLY